A Perfect Drymount Every Time

Regular Kool Tack FAQ

Fact Sheet

Kool Tack is the only drymount foam board that starts to work at 150°F (60°C) to160°F (71°C)

The low temperature makes it safe for dry mounting many types of inkjet printed materials, photographs, and other heat sensitive piece.

Kool Tack works in just 15 to 20 seconds. Not minutes.

This is a great advantage to increase productivity, by reducing production time, and save money.

Kool Tack made to very rigid dry mounting specifications compared to other boards.

The more dense board gives the drymount a smoother, and more dint resistant surface

Kool Tack will produce a better drymount every time.

Kool Tack will produce a superior drymount result compared to other drymount foam board because it works at a lower temperature, for a shorter drymount time, and more rigid board.

Kool Tack is not “Tacky”.

The smooth dry surface of Kool Tack makes it less susceptible to attracting and holding dirt particles. Less problems with dirt between the print and the board.

Kool Tack adhesive is pH neutral.

The adhesive is ph neutral, which acts like a piece of barrier paper between the art, and the board.This gives an added measure of protection to the art. (passed all PAT tests)

Kool Tack is removable and reusable.

To remove the print simply heat the corner with a warm hot air blower, and while heating the print from side to side, gently lift away the print from the board. To remove any adhesive that maybe on the back of the print simply rub it off with the palm of your hand in circular motion.


Kool Tack is the only drymount foam board that starts to work at 150°F (60°C) to160°F (71°C)

Kool Tack is the most forgiving drymount foam board you will ever use. Set the temperature to 150°F to 160°F and you are ready to drymount most any print, poster, or piece of art. All it takes is 15 to 20 seconds. The thicker the paper to be drymounted, the longer the dwell time and the higher the temperature will need to be.


Trouble shooting questions:

My picture is not sticking!

Raise the temperature of the press by 10°F. then re-mount the print.

Check the temperature. Usually the press is not set at the correct temperature for the material being dry mounted. Also, check to see that the temperature the press is at is the temperature it reading. Have you press calibrated at least every year to ensure the correct temperature.

My picture is bubbling!

Bubbling occurs when the press is too hot. Because of the lower operating temperature of Kool Tack the outer edge of the print will heat up faster, and begin to seal in the moisture and air which may be trapped in the center of the print. To correct this problem, lower the temperature by 10°F to 15°F and re-mount for 60 seconds.

My drymount has a speck of dirt under it!

Don’t worry; simply take a warm hair dryer or hot air blower and gently heat the corner nearest to the speck of dirt. While continuing to heat up the surface of the print (taking care not to over heat it and burn the print), begin to lift the print away from the board. Once the speck of dirt has been reached, remove the dirt, and re-mount the print.

My drymount isn’t smooth!

The “Orange peel” effect is caused from several sources: too high a temperature, too long a dwell time, too little foam in the board, and also the release paper and release board which has “hills & valleys” on the surface. To reduce this problem, check the temperature and dwell time you are running the press at.

This problem can also be permanently eliminated by using PERMA LON in place of a release board. Check with your Kool Tack distributor for more information.