A Perfect Drymount Every Time

Basic Instructions and Use

Kool Tack products are the easiest, and safest drymount boards to work with. the low temperature allow for most anything to be drymounted safely, and efficiently. It must be remembered that the temperature of most drymount presses are not accurate, and therefore need to be calibrated on a timely basis. The use of a release board will take more time since the heat must penetrate the board in order to achieve the drymounting temperature on the drymount board. The size of the drymount to e done also effects the time, along with the substrate to be used. The use of paper or Perma Lon will reduce the mounting time. Finally, when using a vacuum press, the time for drymounting is based after the vacuum has been drawn.

Tips for successful Drymounting

  1. Be sure your drymount board and print are both clean and free of dust and dirt.
  2. When first starting the press, let the press cycle for 2 to 3 cycles until the temperature has stabilized.
  3. For thick paper prints let the drymounting continue to drymount for an additional 5 to 10 seconds. This allows the temperature to penetrate through the thick paper into the adhesive.
  4. When drymounting is completed, take it out of the press, and let it cool before using this gives the adhesive time to dry.
  5. When drymounting photographs, never adjust the temperature over 170ºF (77ºC) for this will damage the emulsion on the surface of the photograph. (it is recommended that Perma Lon be used when drymounting photographs. This will eliminate the possibility of the “orange peel”, effect.

View the Trouble Shooting Guide for more information.