A Perfect Drymount Every Time

Kool Tack Mighty Tough

This drymount board is very rigid, and very smooth. It has a tendency not to warp. It is ideally suited for drymounting larger prints, or where smoothness, and non warping is a must. (compares to Gator™ board.)

This board activates at 150ºF (66ºC) to 160ºF (71ºC) in 35 to 45 seconds (depending on size and thickness).


  • 100% completely reversible.
  • Adhesive is pH neutral.
  • Tougher board is highly resilient to dents.
  • Smoother surface.
  • Easy to mark on using a pencil or pen.
  • ATG tape adheres to surface.


Mighty Tough 1/4” White
Item NoSize
KM3240-25 32 x 40
KM4060-25 40 x 60
KM4896-25 48 x 96
Mighty Tough 1/4” Black
KM4896-25BK 48 x 96
Mighty Tough 1/2” White
Item NoSize
KM4896-50 48 X 96
Mighty Tough 1/2” Black
KM4896-50BK 48 x 96
Mighty Tough 3/16” White
Item NoSize
KM4896-16 48 X 96

Custom Sizes Available