A Perfect Drymount Every Time

Kool Tack Competition Plate

Now!  Drymount on the thinnest, smoothest, toughest and most rigid material in the framing industry.


Ideal for mounting photographs and other glossy prints where smoothness and rigidity are essential.

Competition Plate works at activates at 160ºF to 170ºF for 2 to 3 minutes, depending on the item to be drymounted.


  • Super thin at 3mm.
  • Completely acid free and corrosion resistant (archival quality).
  • Resists dents and bends.
  • As thin as a piece of glass.
  • Half the weight of aluminum of the same thickness.
  • Comes in a variety of sizes and can be custom cut.
  • Easy to cut with a Fletcher Terry, #3100 multi wall cutter, or #3000 (using a Plexi cutter).

Standard sizes:           Digital sizes:
5x7    4x6
8x10   8x12
16x20   16x24



Custom Sizes also available.